There is no diamond more precious than a shakti
no jewellery more shining then her divinity.
She is the ground you walk on, the job that pays you
the beauty that surrounds you.
She is your life and the meaning of your life,
She is the fire and the water, heaven and earth,
she is the big mystery unfolding around you every moment.
She is all you are, all you have and all you desire.
Understand her and you will understand the Universe.

Ecstatic Woman Institute

Dear sisters around the world

Ecstatic Womanhood Institute is an international project for women all over the world which aim to awaken their femininity in a harmonious, beatiful and powerful way. You can search for classes, seminars or workshops in the Workshops category.


or our purpose

In every woman there is a Goddess. An ecstatic divine womanhood. You are also a Goddess, a Woman gifted with exceptional physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual qualities. Discover and Manifest them! ACT! We support you full hearted in what YOU aim to accomplish as awakened woman. Our purpose is to assist in women’s awakening all over the world, and build an international sisterhood of enlightened, ecstatic, spiritualized women who regain their innate divine power.


or what we do

We encourage you to discover who you really are and to manifest the Goddess within you! ECSTATIC WOMANHOOD INSTITUTE commits to help you awaken your innate feminine divinity and manifest it radiantly. Just contact us and we will come to you with one of our workshops. In every woman, irrespective of culture, religion, age, education, profession, body shape, skin colour, there is a huge potential that can be awakened. Women need to learn and express their wonderful qualities in the role of daughter, sister, wife, mother, lover, AND also in the role of initiatress and spiritual teacher. In this way the Ecstatic Womanhood’s splendid qualities will shine freely: overflowing vitality, beauty and harmony, outer as well as inner (at the level of the soul), intelligence, compassion and power to love, sensuality, sense of humor, superior intuition, creativity, refinement, strong Self-confidence, spiritual force and many more. By awakening these qualities, no matter who could easily become a living expression of The Eternal Feminine, a spring of spirituality through which the beneficial energies of the Macrocosms can manifest, contributing to planetary spiritual transformation. Welcome to a contemporary school of esoteric mysteries, which invites you to a wonderful journey of self-discovery into the feminine universe.