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Tribute to the eternal feminine and the feminine mystery that exists in every woman
Even for the uninitiated ones, the feminine side of the human being has a unique resonance with the poetical feeling. For the human beings who aspire to find out their soul mate, this passionate search aims, ultimately, to the discovery of the other opposite half which we feel is missing... more

Ideal woman
We are living now an exceptional moment in the history of the world. Until the present day the humanity has not experienced such a dark period, full of confusions, disharmony and so far away from spirituality. But, in the same time, never until now, has risen in the heart of the human kind, such a so strong hope, a so powerful desire to evolve. In this so important and so delicate period of time (Kali Yuga) each activity, each thought, each intention of any human being can have decisive role for opening a new path for humanity, a path full of light and spirituality... more

Love and the Magic of Simplicity
We are living hasty lives. We are caring “synthesis” of experiences inside of us. We are caring bypassed love stories, victories and defeats. But when we remember love, everything is covered with a living, special and mysterious light. ... more

Explore the Deepest Microcosm of Your Being
The tantric route resembles a brave journey which leads us through unknown and very interesting regions inside our being. In these areas, so close and in the same time so far away, ecstatic adventures through the “jungles”, “oceans” and “deserts” of our psyche await us.... more

The Adoration of the Woman
In Tantra it says: “all that can be seen with the eyes can therefore be defined, but not Her who is the mother. She is ineffable and inconceivable having a form she is nevertheless herself without form.”... more