Ideal Woman

We are living now an exceptional moment in the history of the world. Until the present day the humanity has not experienced such a dark period, full of confusions, disharmony and so far away from spirituality. But, in the same time, never until now, has risen in the heart of the human kind, such a so strong hope, a so powerful desire to evolve. In this so important and so delicate period of time (Kali Yuga) each activity, each thought, each intention of any human being can have decisive role for opening a new path for humanity, a path full of light and spirituality.

From this perspective we can ask ourselves: what could be the woman’s role? It is true, in some societies and in some cultures it is still predominant the “decorative” role of the women. They are condemned to stay at the border of the society and just “be nice”. It is also true that against this deplorable role women invented the “feminist movement”, a cruel reaction which in the end produced more damaging things than good ones. It was the wrong and inharmonious way to raise the feminine statute, because instead of integrating the women in this modern life in a correct manner they tried to transform the woman into a kind of man.

Both solutions are weak: a woman who is just good for taking care of the house and children or a woman who, on the contrary, denies any feminine qualities, being interested only about her job and social position. They both represent wrong ways of understanding the spiritual role of this precious treasure that the woman truly represents.

An important part of the initiation offered by this course is to re-establish the good polarity and complementarity concerning the masculine and the feminine role, by a deep spiritual vision and by a correct approach toward the position of Shakti in this manifestation, on all the levels.

In this way we hope to develop a future society in which the relation between the two sexes will be a true polarity and from this perspective an equal one, a relation of profound respect and consideration, creative co-ope­ration and love.

So women should learn and express their wonderful qualities in the role of wife, mother, sister, lover, AND also in the spiritual role of initiator and spiritual teacher.

This position, truly sublime and highly important implies also the clear understanding of some uni­versal spiritual principles, along with obtaining a certain spiritual level in assuming the Shakti power. In this way the Shakti splendid qualities will shine freely: overflowing vitality, beauty and harmony, outer as well as inner (at the level of the soul), intelligence, compassion and power to love, sensuality, sense of humor, superior intuition, creativity, refinement, strong Self-confidence, and spiritual force.

By awakening these qualities, no matter who could easily become a living expression of The Eternal Feminine, a spring of spirituality through which the beneficial energies of the Macrocosms can manifest, contributing to planetary spiritual transformation.

Of course, the first step in this stage of a woman’s evolution is defining very clearly the portrait of the Ideal Woman, in order to have a row model to aim at. Modern society promotes also a so-called model of perfect woman, but, unfortunately, it is not in concordance with the spiritual tradition at all. The skinny women, looking anorexic and lacking vitality and power, promoted by the fashion houses is, in most of the cases, the creation of some homosexuals! This is nothing but a lamentable caricature of the ideal woman model, on purpose badly oriented.

Nowadays, the civilization, too much masculine, orients the society towards a gap. The myth of man against the myth of Amazon woman together with this desire to be free without any moral principles, all these are nothing but closed ways. The world of those without God is, first of all, the world without Virgin Mary and without the careful maternal guidance of women.

In this emptiness the words of Nietzsche to women become prophetic: “In your love is your honour, love always much more that you are loved back, be always the first ones in Love!”

In other words an amplifying of soul-openness, of refinement and beauty would have extremely beneficial results upon the woman’s being and upon the more and more dry modern society in the same time.

The Feminine Divine Ideal necessarily implies energy and overwhelming vitality, and these qualities can be manifested only by means of a healthy body, which is strong and harmonious, and here one should not forget that the feminine principle is the one which gives birth and life.

A sterile form never gave life to something, nor evolved toward the superior stages of existence. This is the reason why a woman who is lacking vitality is not a complete one, no matter how beautiful her face is, because she is defying and cancelling the connection with the Divine Archetype and in this way she is disconnected from God’s support. Force means controlled energy, and the vital woman overflows of energy! The weak women are easily dominated, because they are receptive toward any suggestion and any energy (especially negative ones), they lack force (vital, affective, mental, and spiritual), they lack strength of character, they could not sustain their own principles and opinions and, finally, they lack elementary resources for surpassing the difficult situations and obstacles in life.

Because of these, the tendency in fashion and society nowadays is to despise the vital and powerful woman both, by men (especially those who lack vitality and virility themselves) and by other women who follow the fashion’s rules. This strange situation succeed sometimes to convince the women who are having a overflow of vitality that the skeleton feminine type is the successful one and they start severe diets for loosing weight. The result is deplorable: some of them become ill and weak on all levels.

One should not forget here that the physical body and the psychic one belong to the spirit, helping its manifestation into this creation. Because of the maternal gift she has, a woman can give birth. In the same way, because of his inner spirit, a man is powerful and strong, because in his structure pre-exists the courage that The Gospel mentions: ”The kingdom of God is for the courageous ones”. The man is manifesting his nature in this world through the means of action, woman through the means of self-giving.

The woman has her specific way of being, her own manner of existence, her gift to wrap her life with everything, both with God and with the creation, other people and herself.

A saying affirms: “There are no ugly women – only women that don’t know how to be beautiful”. Each woman has her own beauty in her particular style. If she eliminates psychic and mental inhibitions, inferior complexes and negative suggestions, she could freely express her natural charm and emanate her ancestral mystery through the means of a correct relation with The Eternal Feminine. This will provide her with love, grace, gentleness, sensibility, playfulness, spontaneity and purity, in other words an inner gorgeous treasure which will reflect itself outside in her body and physical harmony.

In order to have a model from a traditional point of view, let’s see the CHAKRASAMVARA TANTRA, quotation: “The most wonderful of all women is the one who is beautiful, full of common sense, faithful, patient, vital, sensual, and intelligent. Her origin has to be a spiritual family, she has to be free of the 4 genital sins and she must have the favourable signs as: the absence of menstruation, the absence of the unpleasant odour of her yoni and the absence of any illness, the capacity to experience hundreds of orgasms without discharging her potential and when she is in love and full of erotic desire she has to be completely free of any inhibition or paralyzed shame against her lover who is himself an experienced yogi who obtained already the mastery of sexual continence art.”

Reading carefully these words one can easily perceive the complete uninhibited Oriental vision upon woman. And this is only one example out of thousands, which prove that in Orient the woman is honoured with great respect like a holder of the mysteries of sexuality full of happiness and fulfilment.

In Western tradition there is not such an orientation towards educating the girls into this transfigurative perspective by teaching them a healthy clear image about the importance of being a woman.

This is why it is important for a woman to impose herself in the society because of her wonderful qualities: beauty and vitality, intelligence and intuition, than to understand and control her sexuality, to develop her spirituality and Shakti power of transforming the entire Universe around her!

And one should not forget ever that what a woman strongly believes about herself she will become exactly and the others will perceive that reality without even noticing.