Explore the Deepest Microcosm of Your Being

The tantric route resembles a brave journey which leads us through unknown and very interesting regions inside our being. In these areas, so close and in the same time so far away, ecstatic adventures through the “jungles”, “oceans” and “deserts” of our psyche await us.

In recent years, Tantra has awoken the curiosity of the Western world not so much as a spiritual method to access ecstatic existences but rather as an art through which to obtain erotic experiences worthy to be entered in the Record Books. We can confirm that to make love for hours in a row is not fiction, but a genuine art anyone can learn, with the condition the person is endowed with patience, tenacity and will power. However the aim in Tantra is not to make demonstrations exhibiting one’s sexual capacities, nor to adopt spectacular and complicated lovemaking positions, but to bring more control, more relaxation, beauty and transfiguration in the amorous act, in the aim to have access to sublime states of consciousness. Tantra does not aim at breaking records, but is a very direct method to manifest love.

Many people who have had a remarkable, even ecstatic experience during love making have observed that such experiences go beyond usual pleasure. They can be singular or repeated many times in our being. There are people who have experienced many times in their lives such spontaneous ecstatic experiences and who dare not share them, for fear the others might deem them crazy, or to consider they exaggerate. Sometimes it happens we experience an unexpected powerful orgasm or a mystical state while we are making love, but we do not know what to do, nor do we know even how to define them. We ask if it actually happened or if it was just a dream and something tells us that yes, it was real. Some people believe that these moments can appear only by the grace of destiny, others try to recreate the situation and are disappointed if the experience does not repeat itself.

But it is known that these experiences, generally, have a well defined structure. If we know how to proceed, we can achieve them through our consciously oriented efforts and then they can be repeated through evocation. There are very precise factors which contribute to their experience and other factors which inhibit them. During such experiences, eroticism and love merge into a complex whole, which will open the entrance to the ecstatic dimension of pure love. Mystical ecstatic experiences are not reserved just to the chosen ones, to saints or maestros, but are accessible to everyone, with the condition that these teachings are put into practice with discernment, as how they are presented in the sacred ancient texts.

Factors which can help us a lot along this route of inner searching are:
  • Curiosity: manifesting of the child again which, free of any preconceived ideas, seeks to discover the world – whether we are talking about the outer world or inner world;

  • Impetus and enthusiasm: has to be rediscovered, even if long routine and years of cohabitation have coloured our couple relationship grey. Many people experience exceptional lovemaking in the period when they fall in love and sometimes even approach ecstatic states. But sometimes they think we are not permitted to feel such powerful sensations for only short periods in life. This is a rather widespread belief, but one which is not true at all. Tantra recommends regular evocations of the moment from the beginning of love relationships, to regularly experience and always renew the miracle and impetus of the beginning.

  • Courage: when we start to approach areas that are less familiar or completely unknown to our mind, we never know in advance what we will face; for this reason it is useful to be prepared for all possible inner experiences and not only for the most desirable.

  • Mental flexibility: Tantra offers us guide lines and instruments, other models of inner searches have to be followed without our complete attachment to them. Elimination of prejudices and fixed ideas also helps us very much.

In conclusion, here are some accounts of marvellous experiences, ecstatic experiences after or during love making:

“I live every moment, every second with the maximum intensity, immersed into a light which penetrates my whole body. Then I enter into a profound silence from which, when I emerge, I feel like I was born again, and every movement which I make, every thought, every word are extended from a freshness which fills my entire being.”

“The Orgasm is much more profound than it was before, every cell of my body starts to vibrate and I feel inundated by thousands of brilliant sparks. These sensations continue to appear for many days in a row in the heart and pelvis area and all which I saw before my eyes; streets, flowers, books, furniture are all more colourful and alive than usual. In these moments I understand the reason why I am how I am.”

“My lover and I we sank into a state of slow merging, which made me feel one with her, but in all this I had a very lucid perception about myself and my states, free from the fear of losing myself I had experienced in other situations. We continued to make love like this and, suddenly, something “illuminated” us and the sky opened above our heads. We knew what ecstasy is. What we called “making love” was just the beginning.”